Welcome to our company

ABD KHAN CO.,LTD., situated in Historical and Picturesque center of Thailand, Kanchanaburi Province is full of scenic beauties and rich in Agricultural resources. We established in the year 1995, with the Production line of Pineapples, Sweet Corn, Baby Corn, Lychee. Longan, Bamboo shoot etc. We continued with the seasonal fruits and Vegetables Production as per the demands of the market - the range increased so the arena of the variety of buyers all around.Read More


Quality was our major mission and focus, and we could easily have the market shares in all the 5 Continents. We applied for the Certifications of Factory - and we had them all in short period of time - HACCP, ISO, GMP, BRC and HALAL, etc.

Why choose us?

Because of the increasing demand of Canned Fish range of Products - namely Sardines, Mackerel, Tuna, Clams, Crab, we had no choice but to install the additional lines of Manufacturing for Fish range as well, in the same factory campus, in the year 2000. We have proven to adjust ourselves to market conditions - Developing the continuously newer Product range, & Supplying and Servicing those range of products through the right Distribution Channels - to fulfill the demands from specific market sectors and regions. Being international, we visited the Globe, looked for the Consumer interest, General Economy of the masses, and we did specialize on making the tailor made Products suitable as per the Consumers in specific countries. This was the major reason for our Success in developing the range, and making them accessible to the real consumers in each specific region. Our Distributors did add to our basic structural homework, to have us respectable volumes in the specific countries and making our Brands one of the most Popular in the market place. With our Newer Introduction of the Product range - We established more Production lines and during that course we had the insight of establishing the Complete line of newer Manufacturing line for the variety of Canned Products.

Food Products


The producer of canned sardine,,mackerel, tuna,,sweet corn, products furthermore the new plant for canned coconuts juice ,coconut products ,other fruit juice in our line

Machine Products : We do all machines in canned foods line and free consultant of all processing knowledge of canned sardine, tuna, sweet corn and other canned vegetables


Our service line we also produce machines for export such as canned seamer and its spare parts,exhuaust box,turn table, jacket steam pot,all conveyors,and all other machines for canned industry not only all those machines for our clients we also provide free training in our own factory for all production knowledge such as tuna processing, sardine/mackerel processing, sweet corn processing and other items also possible to train in the line any investor who buy the machines we will provide such service and marketing consultant too